Your questions, answered.

How is getting such a low monthly payment even possible?!
Who can assume a loan? What do I need to qualify?
Why should I consider using Roots to assume a loan?
What does the process of using Roots to assume a loan involve?
Are there any fees associated with loan assumptions?
How long does it take to buy with Roots?
Can using Roots to assume a loan impact my credit score?
Which loan types can be assumed?
What if I want to buy a home that doesn't have an assumable loan? Can Roots help with that?
Can I assume a VA loan if I'm a non-VA borrower?
Does the seller remain liable when the buyer assumes their loan?
How much money do I need for the downpayment?
What if I need a second mortgage? Isn't that a headache?
Is there an earnest money deposit (EMD) requirement? How much?
How does the inspection process differ with an assumable vs. a new loan?
Can I assume a loan and then use the home as an investment property?
How does Roots make money?
What cities is Roots available in?